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Chai Feldblum kindly donated a couple of hours she had between flights in and out of Reagan International Airport to share a story with DeVOTE. Formerly a law ...
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"I'm Wynton Marsalis. When we choose musicians to play a piece of music, we don't care what they look like. We care how well they play." "That's the way every ...
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Black people if you are facing any sort of discrimination with regard to employment, you must file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ...
Published in : 2015-09-11 | by Lisa Storm
A discussion of equal employment opportunity law and employment discrimination focusing on federal statutes.
Published in : 2015-06-11 | by Alena Shautsova
Brooklyn, New York Attorney +Alena Shautsova speaking about how to file with the EEOC.
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Philadelphia area employment lawyer describes what happens at a mediation before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Published in : 2018-05-01 | by The Spiggle Law Firm
Learn the top 10 mistakes federal employees make with a wrongful-termination case by filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from ...
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Why must discrimination continues do not let the devil by your soul.
Published in : 2013-03-12 | by TheEEOC
You have the right to be safe from sexual abuse and retaliation at work. Without documents. Green Card holder. Born in the U.S. Female or male. Teen or adult.
Published in : 2015-04-03 | by Federal Acquisition Institute
Are you a contracting officer with a federal government agency? Do you handle pre-award EEO clearances? Are you responsible for ensuring bidders have ...