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Published in : 2018-06-25 | by BullyJuice
Why did the United States create the Space Force(a new military branch)? What's next? ——————————————— BullyJuice Merch!
Published in : 2018-12-23 | by BullyJuice
We all have different experiences when shape us into the person we are today. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how I really feel about ...
Published in : 2018-07-10 | by BullyJuice
Let's Celebrate!!! It's been a long time coming #BullyNation but i have finally completed the mission! ——————————————— BullyJuice Merch!
Published in : 2017-12-09 | by BullyJuice
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! This is the million dollar question? Is the Army stronger than the Marines? What about marines vs Navy? Navy vs ...
Published in : 2016-12-10 | by BullyJuice
Must watch BEFORE Basic Military Training! ——————————————— Don't forget to PUNCH the like button in the face, and SUBSCRIBE like a BULLY!
Published in : 2017-08-23 | by BullyJuice
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! ——————————————— I do NOT speak for the military or the Air Force. This video is only my opinion.
Published in : 2017-04-17 | by BullyJuice
This can be your best, or the worst week at BMT!! It just all depends... ——————————————— Don't forget to PUNCH the like button in the face, and ...
Published in : 2017-12-23 | by BullyJuice
If You watch this entire video you will NOT regret it! ——————————————— BullyJuice Merch!
Published in : 2018-02-07 | by BullyJuice
Here's a look at my morning routine during this 6 month deployment.. ——————————————— BullyJuice Merch!
Published in : 2018-09-19 | by BullyJuice
Here's a video comparing 4 year vs 6 year contracts to help you make the right choice! ——————————————— BullyJuice Merch!
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