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A two minute summary of Johnson v McIntosh ( M'Intosh ) and how the Discovery Doctrine was used to justify depriving Native Americans of legal right to their ancestral lands.
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Every law student in America takes a course in property law. And their first reading assignment is invariably Johnson v. M'Intosh. The case establishes the U.S. Government's land rights over...
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In the early American republic, the Supreme Court, under the leadership of John Marshall, would decide a series of three cases – known as the Marshall Trilogy – that would be foundational...
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Colton Pitching.
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This song was commissioned for our 2018 GMEA In Service Conference. We feel it communicates the quality characteristics of the young men performing.
Several defendants appeal the district court's orders denying their motions to dismiss indictments or to enjoin prosecution for marijuana offenses.
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BREAKING News Out Of Illinois… THEY JUST SENTENCED HIM TO PRISON! HERE'S WHY!!! Source: CHICAGO — An Illinois registered sex offender was sentenced to 56 years...
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John Marshal Famous Cases -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool...
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Join GHS's Stan Deaton, Ph.D. in Sophia's Schoolhouse to analyze a letter written by Lachlan McIntosh in 1787. In the letter, McIntosh gives his opinion of the newly created Constitution. Through...