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Blackhead Removal Kit: RESTMORE (30 Day): RESTMORE (60 Day): Thinergy: ...
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Ear Wax Kit: Thinergy: In this video Dr. ER removes a massive cluster of ear wax! ENJOY! 60-Day Restmore: ...
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Dr. Carlo Oller talks about cerumen impaction medical and over the counter treatment options.
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in this video you get to watch the trial and errors of attempting to remove a foreign body from the ear canal. At first used SKIN AFFIX (a tissue glue brand) and a ...
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young patient with a moth in the ear. In this video we show the different techniques used to remove this foreign body from the ear cannal. Subscribe to our Best of ...
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simple packing removal.
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Video sponsored by STUDY SYSTEMS. Check it out here This patient presented with severe swelling of the pulp of the second finger.
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Check out this amazing teeth whitening pen here: young patient with a premolar tooth that is being pushed out was hurting the patient so ...
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Dr. Oller talks about vaginal foreign bodies. Diagnosis and treatment.