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Pledge 1$/month to support this channel - The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is terrorized by a rash of child murders occurring in its black ...
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Wayne Williams: The Atlanta Killer Experience has taught the Atlanta police department to expect about eight child murders a year - usually within families and ...
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Wayne Williams - 28 victims serial killer: The Atlanta child murders. About. The Atlanta murders of 1979–1981, sometimes called the Atlanta Child Murders ...
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Episode 3 | Moments after 11Alive aired an exclusive report connecting the KKK to the Atlanta Child Murders, reporter Neima Abdulahi got a call from a man ...
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Black Children Serial Killer - Wayne Williams - CNN documentary part 3 "the trial" the ATLANTA HORROR.
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Wayne Williams still says he innocent.
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He said he has kept this a secret for so long out of fear.
Published in : 2017-10-16 | by Arthur Sample
Reclamation is the title of a documentary film and art installation created by Artist William Scarbrough examining The Atlanta Child Murders. In 1979 the bodies .
Published in : 2014-05-13 | by The Telegraph
This is part of two videos played Tuesday for jurors. It shows Felton and the men arguing -- Felton leaving in his car and Williams firing shots toward Pio Nono ...