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Published in : 2012-03-09 | by sergiopa2002
Today I will show you how to activate the built in smileys and emoticons that the iphone has for text and instant messages, but that is turned off by default.
Published in : 2016-02-14 | by Slate
As more people of all ages, devices, and tech savvy adopt emojis in their texts and online messages, we must address a problem few seem to realize: Emojis ...
Published in : 2016-04-13 | by PBS Idea Channel
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: Help PBSDS win a Webby Award by ...
Published in : 2017-05-09 | by DefinitelyOwen
Snapchat emojis can be confusing, what do they mean? Well, here's a full explanation of all the emojis you will find on Snapchat! The smiley faces, the fire ...
Published in : 2014-07-03 | by edepot
Here are the top 10 emoticons (ascii character art) that you can use in email, video titles, descriptions, and any place that allows you to enter text. By using these ...
Published in : 2017-04-21 | by Disney
Relive the best (and worst) moments from Disney Channel's Descendants like never before as Mal, Carlos, Jay, and Evie get the emoji treatment!
Published in : 2016-04-15 | by Jimmy Kimmel Live
There is a new study that found that people often have very different interpretations of what emojis mean. This inspired us to conduct our own experiment.
Published in : 2013-12-21 | by COCO Chanou
Signs a girl might be in to you over text! My jewelry line: Subscribe to my VLOGGING channel!
Published in : 2016-12-03 | by Wengie
JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ ➜ Join the VLOG Squad: ➜ "Emoji's You're doing WRONG!!!!” GET THIS VIDEO TO ...
Published in : 2017-09-18 | by Octal Gallery
You know hidden Meanings Of Emojis ? We all are use emojis but we won't know proper meaning emojis. every emoji have different meaning. this vedio show ...