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One fold at a time and see what a napkin transforms into... Check out these cool ways to fold napkins and surprise people with your crease less folding skills!
Published in : 2015-09-03 | by Falten mit Yvonne
Table napkin folding: Bishop's Hat or Lily, an easy tutorial for napkin folding beginners! You'll learn how to fold a lily or a bishop's hat out of paper napkins.
Published in : 2010-05-14 | by bluetru40
Yeshua Is Coming Back!
Published in : 2013-07-16 | by HowToFoldNapkins In this Napkin Folding tutorial you will learn how to make the Pyramid Fold out of a square napkin. If you would like more ...
Published in : 2008-03-10 | by wgnotv
When it comes to dinner napkins, Tyrone Howard knows when to hold them, an really knows how to fold them. Get to know folds like the "Bird of Paradise" from ...
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An educational video from J&C studios. Impress your friends and family. Be the life of the party!
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Hello everybody.. I would like to thank you for your constant love and your wonderful messages once again and tell you that I truly appreciate the support and ...
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Watch more napkin folding videos - Use this simple folding technique to fold a ...
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How to fold a buffet pouch with your napkin. These tutorials only take a few minutes, and can greatly enhance your beautifully set table.
Published in : 2014-01-29 | by PartyTimeRentals
Episode 2 in our series of how to fold a napkin like a pro. In this video you will learn how to fold the very simple and very versatile fan fold napkin. You will need ...