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Metals are natural resources that have the physical and chemical properties similar to normal conditions. The structure of these metals may be different in ...
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Let's see how strong this stuff really is!!! The BEST channel on youtube: ...
Published in : 2016-04-30 | by Justin Gabriel
Ahhh, the Marvel Universe, probably one of the most complex fictional universes ever designed. It not only has many characters and places but a plethora of ...
Published in : 2016-07-29 | by Comic Dynamics
Marvel and DC, the two biggest comic universe, has a lot of strong elements. Some use them as a weapon while some have their own body/suit made of it.
Published in : 2017-04-24 | by Edwin Sarkissian
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Chemical Elements: /usr/novaelementscom?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 NOVAELEMENTS: Mel Science ...
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It's time to find out what truly is the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe! Will Wolverine's metal-plated skeletal structure triumph over Captain America's shield?
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Thor's hammer vs. Captain America's shield: it's time to decide... For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: ...