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Josh explains the science of why people faint at the sight of blood. Learn more at Share on Facebook:...
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Check out why blood induces fainting in some people. Have you ever wondered why some people faint at the sight of blood? Fear of blood is classified as a phobia, which is an intense irrationa...
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A girl faints because she's getting blood taken.
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In this week's Science Scene, Ellen, Maluly and Eva discuss why some people faint at the sight of blood.
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Are you afraid of blood or does blood make you squeamish or nauseous and you are wondering if you can be a nurse? In this video, I address the issue on if you can work as a nurse if you are...
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Syncope (known as fainting) triggered by standing, strong emotions, or common phobias to blood, injections, and injuries can be easily prevented with a number of safe, simple, effective exercises....
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We were just having fun, doing trick shots, when THIS happened! Don't forget to subscribe! Like, comment, and share with your friends if you enjoyed! Follow me on twitter-
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Why do people faint? There are a lot of reasons why people faint and hope you will get answers to these questions as well. There are several question you might have like folows what makes...