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William James: Founder of Pragmatism, Father of American Psychology, and One of the Most Influential American Philosophers Of All Time. This video offers a ...
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Visit my new website: A lecture delivered at Peninsula College by Wesley Cecil Ph.D. on the the life and philosophy of William James.
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Thomas Donaldson (Stanford University) asks whether it is moral to believe something even when you have no evidence that it is true. He discusses a classic ...
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Pragmatism by William James (1842 - 1910) 'Pragmatism' contains a series of public lectures held ...
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Today we explore what obligations we hold with our personal beliefs. Hank explains epistemic responsibility and the issues it raises with everything from ...
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Will Durant---The Philosophy of William James.
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Chapter Twenty-nine from Book Three, Part Two of Bertrand Russell's "The History Of Western Philosophy" (1945).
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An explication of the position known as pragmatism as offered by William James and Charles Sanders Peirce (correction: the last name should be pronounced ...
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Pragmatist William James is a favorite philosopher of mine. Here, I offer a potentially helpful way to think about James's pragmatic theory of truth and what I ...
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William James - Will Durant: The Philosophy of William James - Free psychology audiobooks. Listen entire book for free!