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Published in : 2015-04-21 | by SDictionary
Video shows what repulsive means. tending to rouse aversion or to repulse. having the capacity to repel. Repulsive Meaning. How to pronounce, definition ...
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Use repulsive in a sentence definition of english by oxford dictionaries. You may find rotting meat repulsive, but maggots it delicious. See definition of repulsive ...
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This video shows you how to pronounce REPULSIVE in British English. Speaker has an accent from Lanarkshire, Scotland.
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Repulsion meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. Learn more in a look into students' repulsion meaning, definition, what is strong dislike or disapproval.
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Video shows what repulsion means. The act of repelling or the condition of being repelled.. An extreme dislike of something, or hostility to something.
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"Officials at an Illinois school said this week that a substitute teacher would not be allowed to work in the school after she allegedly called two students the ...
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Video shows what repugnant means. Offensive or repulsive; arousing disgust or aversion.. Opposed or in conflict.. Repugnant Meaning. How to pronounce ...
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Video shows what creepy means. Producing an uneasy fearful sensation, as of things crawling over one's skin.. Strangely repulsive.. Creepy Meaning. How to ...
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Video shows what provocative means. Serving or tending to elicit a strong, often negative sentiment in another person; exasperating.. Serving or tending to ...
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Watch in this video how to say and pronounce "repulsive"! The video is produced by