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A must watch ..... Find Truthful Irish
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A detailed discussion on the Frank Avila Show about the "Irish Potato Famine", otherwise known as An Gorta Mór, or the Great Hunger. Toll of Irish Holocaust. The 1841 census of Ireland revealed...
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At some point. We the people will have to stand up and say " I'm angry as all hell and I am not taking this anymore" To hear more of these shows or the full podcasts. Please go to
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The Irish Government have proactively been involved in the medication of Irish citizens. Despite numerous warnings and full reports they continue to ignore the peoples requests. Make this video...
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Paul Murphy MEP speaking on how Ireland is being used, with the acquiescence of the Irish government, as a tax Haven by multinational corporations paying in many cases less than 1% tax, while...
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George Hook vs Colm Keaveney. Must Watch. Clip used under Fair Use Act.
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You have to love Mary Lou for this. Finally some honesty in the Kildare St Club chambers!!
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Watch Clare Daly speak up with joy at the recent legalisation of cannabis for medical use. Ireland is slowly moving forward. :) Find Truthful Irish on Facebook
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Some Irish Oil facts for you to ponder.
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More from Anglo Irish Bank. Stealing billions from the Irish tax payer. And laughing about it.