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A must watch ..... Find Truthful Irish
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A detailed discussion on the Frank Avila Show about the "Irish Potato Famine", otherwise known as An Gorta Mór, or the Great Hunger. Toll of Irish Holocaust.
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At some point. We the people will have to stand up and say " I'm angry as all hell and I am not taking this anymore" To hear more of these shows or the full ...
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The Irish Government have proactively been involved in the medication of Irish citizens. Despite numerous warnings and full reports they continue to ignore the ...
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Paul Murphy MEP speaking on how Ireland is being used, with the acquiescence of the Irish government, as a tax Haven by multinational corporations paying in ...
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Please watch and share Thank you Roj for the production :) Message to youtube. Song was produced specifically for this video and contains no copyright.
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Just listen to this.
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Watch Clare Daly speak up with joy at the recent legalisation of cannabis for medical use. Ireland is slowly moving forward. :) Find Truthful Irish on Facebook ...
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What the scumbags didn't tell you.
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Two former Anglo Irish Bank executives have denied allegations that they participated in misleading the Central Bank in 2008, shortly before the bank guarantee ...