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Due to progressive scoliosis and kyphosis in Ada's spine, she got prescribed with a Milwaukee Brace to be worn 23h/day. See how nurse fits her with a Milwaukee Brace, instruct her on how...
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Our daughter showing how to wear her Milwaukee brace.
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examples of donning and movement in a milwaukee brace.
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Summer has scoliosis, we went to get a support brace at hospital, any questions, we are happy to answer.
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Which kind of brace is right for me? - What are the different types of braces? - Why should I wear a brace? - Does it matter how many hours a day I wear the brace? - Can I take the brace...
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Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine—in addition to the normal front to back curvature—has an abnormal side-to-side "S-" or "C"-shaped curvature. The spine is also rotated or twisted,...
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a nice girl wear a milwaukee brace.
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Outtakes from Emily in Classical Milwaukee Braces. Outtakes taken from: and The Milwaukee brace, also known as a cervico-thoraco-lumbo-sa...