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Published in : 2013-12-16 | by VetClinicGambia
He is "No Racist". And was indeed 100g lighter after this procedure! :-)
Published in : 2013-03-01 | by VetClinicGambia
Published in : 2017-11-05 | by VetClinicGambia
Bingo has a home!!! :-) This is how we found her in September:
Published in : 2018-03-22 | by VetClinicGambia
"Jatta" and "Flea" got rid of all their parasites by now, internal and external. They enjoy very much going for a walk with Isatou. Why on earth would you want to ...
Published in : 2015-05-11 | by VetClinicGambia
He puts on weight! Very fast now! Eats like a big boy, doesn't want to share his bowl with anybody. (Quite common for animals that went through starvation.)
Published in : 2014-04-16 | by VetClinicGambia
He is a happy, friendly puppy! Put on a lot of weight already. Please think of a name for "Ugly". The most appealing name wins...... him!
Published in : 2018-06-03 | by VetClinicGambia
Mangoworms... but why so many in one ear? Once again: Please don't wash your dogs in the sea! They will never trust you again.
Published in : 2018-01-13 | by VetClinicGambia
"Tyson" outsmarted us, big time.
Published in : 2019-01-20 | by VetClinicGambia
Fatou had her baby! Isa is 1 month now, both are healthy and happy.
Published in : 2015-08-31 | by VetClinicGambia
Rain, rain, rain in The Gambia! August 2015 was extremely wet. Happy farmers all over the country! Less happy Fatou, she lives around 18km away from the ...