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This video shows a couple of facts about the cute "Shetland pony" (ideal for homework or school help!) Enjoy.
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How to look after a pony. This is a Shu Tube Guide to caring for a pony! Shu will show you how to muck out, groom, tack clean and after all the hard work is done, ...
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To the united states, where a more refined pony suitable for children's riding was bred shetland's world famous small ponies can be seen throughout islands ...
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This video is about Fun Facts About The Miniature Horse.
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Shetland Ponies SUBSCRIBE: -- Shetland Ponies are one of the most iconic things about the Shetland Islands. The little horse-like ...
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Here is another video of the Miniature Shetland Ponies. In this video my cat rides the horse until she is thrown off at the end. Other cute pony videos: ...
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A 32-inch tall Shetland pony, which thinks it's a dog, has taught itself to open the door to its owners' home where it raids cupboards and watches EMMERDALE.