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Published in : 2008-06-19 | by FRED
Fred tries out his new pool that his mom picked up at a local dump.
Published in : 2015-07-02 | by Lucas
Published in : 2010-06-25 | by FRED
If you liked this video go to: Fred's Mom has been busy working two jobs, so she finally lets Fred do their grocery shopping himself! Featuring The Annoying Orange! http://www...
Published in : 2008-05-29 | by FRED
Fred goes to the dentist for the very first time!
Published in : 2010-05-27 | by FRED
If you liked this video go to: After Fred's school informs his mom that he has lice, she drops him off at a hair salon to get his hair buzzed off. Featuring: Jeremy Kasik...
Published in : 2008-11-17 | by master32s
what a fag so i stole his most viewed video.
Published in : 2013-02-06 | by t. rex
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Published in : 2011-12-08 | by FRED
It's Fred: Episode 1 When Fred finds out Judy's parents want to adopt a kid. Fred wont stop until its him! Based on Characters Created by: Lucas Cruikshank Developed & Written by: Eryk Casemiro...
Published in : 2010-11-02 | by FRED
I never want to eat anything else TATER HATERS They must be out of their minds TATER HATERS You know it's just not right TATER HATERS It's nothing less than evil Not liking tater tots should...
Published in : 2008-07-03 | by FRED
Fred's mom hasn't come back home from the bar since Fred had his play date with Bertha. At first Fred is extremely happy, but then reality hits!