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Discover Kharkov with Michael Mordinson
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The moment of the collision of Lexus RX 350 and Volkswagen Toureg DTP Kharkov on Sumskaya street. Lexus was run by 20-year-old girl Lena Zaitseva, who went to the intersection on a red and...
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In May 1942, the Germans smashed a Soviet attempt to re-take this important industrial city. English subtitles.
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Five people have been killed and a further six injured after a motorist lost control on a busy city street in Kharkov, on Wednesday. After crashing into a pole, the driver lost control of...
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The 1st Battle of Kharkov, so named by Wilhelm Keitel, was the 1941 tactical battle for the city of Kharkov (now Kharkiv]) (Ukrainian SSR) during the final phase of Operation Barbarossa between...
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German Battles Playlist: Wehrmacht Playlist:
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Внимание! Любое использование данного видео возможно только с разрешения автора! Съемка, постобработка,...
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In the city of Kharkov thousands of people participated in the demonstration on April 13th. Protesters demand referendum to decide the course of South-Eastern Ukraine and oust Nazi Junta in...
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