COVID-19 Relief: Will There Be a Fourth Round of Government Stimulus Payments?

In March 2021, Gladys Vega, executive director of La Colaborativa, addresses a crowd of protestors upset by the amount of federal aid allocated to hard-hit Chelsea, Mass. Photo Courtesy: Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, it took a major financial toll on American families. Millions of folks had their hours cut — or, even worse, became unemployed and, as a result, unable to provide for themselves and their families. Businesses shuttered for months; some even had to shut their doors for good. 

To mitigate these financial strains and lend support, the federal government has issued three rounds of so-called stimulus checks — or, more accurately, relief payments — to eligible Americans. And even though parts of the United States have seemingly turned a corner from the height of the pandemic due to the vaccine rollout, members of Congress are still calling for more relief payments. In fact, many want the federal government to provide Americans with larger checks and more frequent support. 

President Joe Biden has alluded to the possibility of another batch of government stimulus checks, but, so far, nothing has precipitated. So, is a fourth round of COVID-19 relief payments still on the table? We're taking a look at where the White House stands on additional payments.