Yes, Parents, There Can Be Lighter Moments With Young Children During COVID-19

Photo Courtesy: RyanJLane/E+/Getty Images

Here's a question for you: Would you rather scrape crusted spaghetti sauce handprints off the wall or rescue Mr. Potato Head from his personal jacuzzi, a.k.a. the toilet in the guest bathroom, and give him a thorough scrubdown? And here’s another: Would you rather run barefoot across the LEGO minefield that's now your living room carpet or choke down tater tots and corndogs for dinner again? Unfortunately, "neither" is not an acceptable answer, so it looks like you have some tough choices to make. Welcome to quarantine with kids.

Life these days has felt like one giant game of "Would You Rather?" It's been difficult enough for kidless households to navigate shelter-in-place orders and social distancing. But add children into the mix — along with healthy doses of all the homeschooling, the entertaining, the mediating, the yes-we-can-play-on-the-swingset-if-you-promise-not-to-lick-the-seats — and it can feel like the madness increases exponentially.

Before you put yourself in the timeout chair or start looking for the nearest monastery to join, take a pause. Parents all over the country are going through the same thing, and while that might not spare you from the "It's a Small World"-style choruses of "Dad, we're bored" every hour, there's some solidarity knowing that you're not alone in this — and that there are actually some bright sides to parenting during the coronavirus pandemic.