How To Find the Most Reputable Charities This Giving Tuesday

Photo Courtesy: [Michael Bezjian/Getty Images]

How To Find the Most Reputable Charities This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday started in the Belfast Center for Innovation & Social Impact located in New York City’s 92nd Street Y. Little did its creators know that Giving Tuesday, much like Small Business Saturday, would become an annual tradition with a focus on reflection and gratitude. In a time where cybercrime and other types of fraud are frequent issues, locating a reputable charity can be hard.  

What exactly makes a reputable charity? The answer can vary from person to person. People want to know that their money is making a difference, for starters. The most reputable charities will be able to show their donors the difference they are making by being honest about what a donor’s money goes toward.

Some people prefer to give to smaller or local charities because they want to feel a more direct impact rather than contribute to a director or CEO’s salary, which can total up to millions of dollars for larger nonprofits. Sometimes you find out that a notable nonprofit has a discriminatory practice that reveals values that you don’t feel comfortable supporting.

But truly reputable charities won’t leave you with donor's remorse. It may take a little work, but there are tried-and-true methods for finding the best reputable organizations. Below, we’re breaking down different strategies you can use to find the most reputable charities for Giving Tuesday. These practices can be applied year-round, so having a look can help you become a consistent donor as well as an expert in philanthropy.