You've Got a Critic in Me: All of Pixar's Films, Ranked

Photo Courtesy: Disney/Pixar/IMDb

From Toy Story in 1995 to Soul in December of 2020, Pixar Animation Studios has released some iconic gems over the last 25 years. And with just over 20 feature-length films (not to mention a variety of shorts) under the studio’s belt, Pixar has already won itself over 200 awards and earned more than 200 additional nominations — no small feat for any filmmaker, especially one that focuses solely on animated content.

Despite the fact that Pixar has built up such an impressive body of work and made films that kids and adults alike cherish, critics still have to do their job and pick apart even the most heartwarming of pictures. And that certainly doesn’t sound like an enviable task. Curious to see how they think Pixar’s films stack up? We've ranked all of the studio’s animated films according to aggregated scores from — and you might be surprised to find out where your faves have ended up.