Ask Approved: The 10 Best Reality TV Shows of 2020

Photo Courtesy: HBO Max/IMDb

When the clocks flipped to midnight on January 1, 2020, many of us carried high hopes for that particular brand of energizing possibility only a new decade can deliver. But, just a few months in, it became crystal clear that 2020 wasn’t exactly bringing the positive changes we were desperate for — actually, it was kind of the opposite. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us started spending more time at home than we ever had before. And, stuck indoors perfecting our plant-tending, sourdough-baking, sheltering-in-place skills, we started yearning ever so deeply for an escape in any form. If we couldn’t physically get outside and enjoy reality — or distract ourselves from the exceedingly harsh realities of our new way of life — we were bound and determined to enjoy seeing other people engage with (perhaps a slightly falsified version of) it.

Sure, reality TV hasn’t really built a reputation for integrity or authenticity over the years, but as COVID-19 continued ravaging the globe, we realized that the truthfulness of "unscripted" real-life situations was probably last on the priority list of Things That Really Matter During a Pandemic. Instead, we embraced the genre with open arms, grateful for the sense of normalcy and familiarity — not to mention the distraction — it provided. We got to vogue at drag balls. We cheered on Rosemarie’s absolute queen behavior and "liked the view." We watched Paul and Prue break bread (and contestants’ hearts) in an idyllic countryside tent. And now we’ll probably always remember these quaranTV greats that gave us something to do, something to look forward to — something that provided the opportunity to actually feel kind of okay — during one of the hardest times we’ve been through together.