Clint Eastwood's Top 10 Most Essential Movies, Ranked

Photo Courtesy: DreamWorks Pictures/IMDb; United Artists/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis/Getty Images; Warner Bros. Pictures IMDb

Clint Eastwood is more than just the "Man with No Name." The award-winning star has performed in and directed some of the best movies ever made. Originally a Western star, Eastwood specializes in all things action and drama — anything that makes audiences sit on the edge of their seats.

In anticipation of his upcoming Western film Cry Macho, fans have been turning to Eastwood’s long-running film career to tide them over. From The Bridges of Madison County and Dirty Harry to Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River, Eastwood has plenty of classics under his belt — but which films are his best? According to IMDb’s rankings, these 10 films are required viewing for any Eastwood fan.