“Mythic Quest” Review: Apple TV+’s Insightful Workplace Comedy Is a Must-Watch Show

“Mythic Quest” returns for its second season. Photo Courtesy: Apple TV+

Rating: 8/10

In February of 2020, Mythic Quest’s first episode dropped on Apple TV+. A few months later, I found myself turning to streaming services that weren’t Netflix or Hulu. Even so, finding fresh fare during the pandemic proved tricky. Not just because streamers were generally eking out content slowly — or delaying shows and movies altogether — but also because starting something new felt daunting.

Some days, getting caught up in a new world feels exciting. But, like many other TV marathoners, I found myself rewatching “comfort shows” last summer. Familiar characters, stories, worlds and jokes provided some kind of certainty at a time that felt defined by the unknown. But even that chicken-soup-predictability of comedies past wore thin. And then, in the all-out egg warfare that led up to “Bunny Day,” even Animal Crossing: New Horizons started to feel like work — not escapism.

Luckily, my Apple TV+ subscription — which, originally, I’d caved to purchasing for the sake of Dickinson and The Servant — was still alive and well. Apple’s streamer emphasizes quality over quantity. And Mythic Quest is yet another show that illustrates this somewhat-novel streaming wars game plan. In fact, the show’s near-perfect blend of sharp (yet oddball) comedy and sudden poignancy makes this hidden gem shine brighter than most. Like that friend you've just met, but feel you've known for years.