Continental Closed Captioning: Travel to Europe With “Money Heist,” “Lupin” and Other TV Shows

Photo Courtesy: Netflix

Miss traveling? We get you. Fortunately, there are ways of transporting yourself to a different country that don’t require getting onto a crammed 10-hour flight — or paying for it. We’re proposing a tour of some European cities from the comfort of your home while watching these recent TV shows.

Granted, you won’t get to sit on a terrace while sipping a glass of chilled white wine and munching on olives and cheese. But you might imagine yourself walking through Madrid’s streets with Money Heist’s gang or stopping in a café to grab a croissant and coffee with Lupin’s star.

Also, subtitles aren’t even required with these shows — although they’re always recommended. But you can always opt to watch the English-dubbed versions of these series if that suits you better.