Honoring Veterans Day: 12 Films That Salute Our Vets & Their Sacrifices

AMG | Photos Courtesy: Touchstone Pictures/Buena Vista Pictures Distribution/IMDb; Netflix/IMDb; Warner Bros. Pictures/IMDb; DreamWorks Pictures/IMDb

On Veterans Day, folks across the country take time to reflect on the sacrifices their friends, family members, and fellow Americans have made at home and abroad. If you’re looking for a way to learn more about a particular event or more deeply understand the sacrifices our vets have made, art can be a way to do so. In addition to reading first-hand accounts, memoirs, and even realistic novels about wars and the veterans who fight in them, films can help you understand service-members’ headspace and provide you with some measure of understanding.

While a movie can never completely capture a lived experience, the following war movies aren’t just “entertainment” — instead, they offer authentic, respectful looks into the reality of being in the armed forces, and will surely help deepen your appreciation for those who have bravely served their countries.