Streaming TNT: How to Watch TNT Shows Online Without Cable

From left: Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly in Snowpiercer. Photo Courtesy: David Bukach/TNT/Everett Collection

If you find yourself wrapped up in the drama of shows like The Last Ship and Snowpiercer, and laughing out loud at sitcoms like Detour, then you’re probably a fan of TNT and all it has to offer. But, given the rising costs of cable, cord-cutters might have a difficult time keeping up with the network’s original shows. Here, we’re exploring how to watch TNT shows without cable, so that you can get back to streaming TNT without missing an episode. 

Best Shows Streaming on TNT 2022

When Turner Entertainment International launched TNT, the network’s focus was elsewhere — namely, there was more emphasis placed on Turner Classic Movies (TMC). But over the last decade or so, TNT has really diversified its program lineup, offering everything from sitcoms and original dramas to docuseries and sports. 

If thrillers and dramas are more your thing, you don’t want to miss the action-packed, Michael Bay-produced The Last Ship; the post-apocalyptic thriller series Snowpiercer, which is based on the 2013 Bong Joon-ho (Parasite) film of the same name; and the psychological thriller The Alienists (and its sequel, The Alienist: The Angel of Darkness). 

If comedies with a splash of drama are more your speed, tune into Claws, which stars Niecy Nash and is set at a colorful nail salon in Central Florida. 

From left: Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans in The Alienist: Angel of Darkness. Photo Courtesy: Kata Vermes/TNT/Everett Collection

In terms of documentary-style content, there’s Shaq Life — a deep dive into the larger-than-life personality of four-time NBA champ Shaquille O’Neal; Rich & Shameless, a true-crime anthology series that spotlights wealthy folks whose lives have taken a turn (i.e. Clare Bronfman of The Vow fame); and Cold Justice: Sex Crimes, which, as the name suggests, is about former Harris County, Texas prosecutors who’re trying to solve sex crime-related cold cases. 

And if true crime doesn’t scratch that investigation itch, you can always tune in to reruns of popular scripted shows like Rizzoli and Isles, The Closer, Castle and Bones.

Last but not least, TNT also boasts pretty impressive sports coverage, featuring select NBA and NHL games as well as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and, in March, NCAA Tournament college basketball games. 

How Much Does TNT Cost With Cable?

Watching TNT on cable TV can cost as much as $60 per month. Of course, TNT comes bundled with other networks, too, which means you might be paying for channels you don’t care to watch. And, for such a high cost, the channels can be fairly limited. 

Can You Watch TNT Shows Without Cable?

Watching TNT shows without cable is possible as long as you subscribe to a streaming service that offers TNT. The best part? There are plenty of options, making it easy to find a platform that best suits your viewing habits. 

From left: Jodie Turner-Smith and Bren Foster in The Last Ship. Photo Courtesy: Richard Foreman/TNT/Everett Collection

YouTube TV

One of the easiest ways to start streaming TNT is with YouTube TV. For the tier that includes TNT, among many other channels, you’ll pay $64.99 per month. The real upside to watching the channel via YouTube TV? You’ll get three simultaneous streams and unlimited cloud DVR storage.


For just $6.99 per month, you can subscribe to an ad-supported Hulu plan with TNT, among other channels. If you rather stream ad-free, that price jumps up to $12.99 per month. However, the added cost also comes with 50 hours-worth of cloud DVR storage, which might entice busy viewers. 

Of course, the streamer’s premium plan, Hulu + Live TV, also includes TNT. Due to the live component, the price increases pretty steeply to $69.99 per month, though it does boast greater access to dozens of channels as well as unlimited cloud DVR storage, so it may appeal to some viewers despite the cost. 

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is another easy way to watch TNT shows without cable. The most basic DirecTV Stream package that includes TNT — called the Entertainment Plan — comes in at $69.99 per month. This bundle offers 65 channels as well as three months of free access to premium offerings, like Showtime, Starz, Epix, and Cinemax

From left: Karrueche Tran, Judy Reyes, Jenn Lyon and Niecy Nash in Claws. Photo Courtesy: TNT/Everett Collection

If you really want all DirecTV Stream has to offer, you can upgrade to the Premium Plan. At $134 a month, this bundle offers 140+ channels.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another affordable way to watch TNT shows without cable. The channel is featured on two Sling TV plans: the Orange Plan and the Blue Plan. Both packages cost $35 per month but, unlike other options, Sling TV allows you to access TNT’s live offerings, not just a library of on-demand content. 

If TNT shows are your main focus, either plan will do. But if you’re looking to up your channel access, the Blue Plan offers 50 channels and more variety, whereas the Orange Plan offers just 30 channels. 

Does TNT Have a Mobile App?

Yes, TNT has an app. It’s accessible to iOS and Android users via both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Other smart devices, such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku, can also access the app. 

From left: Daveed Diggs and Sheila Vand in Snowpiercer. Photo Courtesy: Robert Falconer/TNT/Everett Collection

However, it’s important to note that you can’t just log into the TNT app and stream away. To use the app, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the service providers mentioned above — or, of course, you can use your cable log-in credentials if you haven’t yet cut the cord. Additionally, you can also access TNT’s live TV online on the channel’s website if you prefer browser-based streaming. 

Pros and Cons of Watching TNT Online

Streaming TNT — whether online, via the app or on a streaming platform — is superior to tuning in on basic cable in a few major ways. For starters, access via streaming means both around-the-clock and on-demand access to the network’s robust library of shows. Not to mention, it’s convenient; if you’re on the go, you can stream episodes of your favorite show from your phone or tablet. 

Former NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal holding a Big Chicken sandwich from his restaurant during a tour of the UBS Arena in Elmont, New York. Photo Courtesy: J. Conrad Williams, Jr./Newsday RM/Getty Images

The drawbacks? Well, some users note that the app crashes and that the live stream on TNT’s own site freezes or displays error messages from time to time. Of course, this isn’t the biggest con; you can always just watch TNT on the streaming app you’ve subscribed to, like Hulu or YouTube TV.