Forget Corporate Pride: Support These Queer-Owned Businesses & LGBTQ+ Organizations All Year

In June 2020, the Reclaim Pride Coalition took to the streets of Manhattan for the second annual Queer Liberation March the "Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality." | Photo Courtesy: Erik McGregor/LightRocket/Getty Images

For the last 51 years, the LGBTQ+ community has celebrated Pride Month every June. That is, every June following the Stonewall riots. But these days the month has become synonymous with parades and parties as opposed to marches and protests. And, over the last few years, corporations have taken to swathing every product, advertisement and LinkedIn logo in rainbows. While companies rainbow-ifying their merch and logos might sound somewhat innocuous, it has proven to be incredibly harmful to LGBTQ+ folks and queer history at large. 

In some ways, Pride Month and Pride celebrations gaining visibility in the mainstream creates wider acceptance in our communities, schools and workplaces. On the other hand, what's become known as "corporate Pride" also commodifies queerness and, more often than not, sends the message that companies may not necessarily go to bat for LGBTQ+ folks when it really matters — but are more than happy to profit off of them. Most distressingly of all, this shift erases Pride’s origins as a riot.