Visit These Atmospheric Video Game Worlds From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Photo Courtesy: Campo Santo, Ltd./IMDb

We've all been spending a lot of time indoors recently; since March 2020, we've worked, learned, and possibly even dated from home.  These practices protect us, our communities, and our loved ones, especially in areas affected by the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus. Still, you can only watch paint dry — and marathon so many shows — before you start to pine for a change of pace. Might we suggest video games?

Games are incredibly detailed and varied these days; relaxing life simulators, breathtaking action-adventure quests, and mind-bending puzzles are just a few keystrokes away. The following titles all present unique, immersive worlds that are easily worth the visit. September 12th, 2021 is National Video Games Day. Get lost in the following atmospheric games.