“Money Heist” Season 5 Review: The Gang of Sexy, Clad-in-Red-Coveralls Thieves Is Back on Netflix

Hovik Keuchkerian, Úrsula Corberó, Rodrigo de la Serna, Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente in “Money Heist” Part 5. Photo Courtesy: Tamara Arranz/Netflix

Rating: 6/10

All highly addictive and adrenaline-fueled things must come to an end. Netflix’s international hit Money Heist (La casa de papel) does as well.

Worry not. For maximum spectacle, Money Heist’s season five — Part 5 in Netflix’s terminology — has been divided into two volumes. The five episodes in Vol. 1 debut this Friday, September 3, but the final five episodes in Vol. 2 will drop on Netflix on December 3, 2021. So it’s going to be a long goodbye for the sexy band of misfit thieves — a Spanish-style goodbye.

As a Spaniard who’s been calling the U.S. home for 15 years, the whole La casa de papel phenomenon took me completely by surprise. How could something as specifically Spanish as the humor and the characters portrayed in this show have such international appeal? A record 65 million households watched Money Heist’s Part 4 over its first four weeks of release last year. And the show placed second among Netflix’s Top 5 most-watched series in a ranking revealed by the streamer at the beginning of 2021.

I’ve come to assume that its idiosyncrasy must be precisely what makes the show click for audiences all around the world. Also, who can resist the idea of a heist that’s not only impossible to pull off but peppered with some melodrama, lots of possible romantic interests, sharp humor and a few relentless antagonists as well?

In Part 5, Money Heist creator Álex Pina and his team repeat part of the formula that’s yielded so many hooked viewers since the show’s debut on Netflix in 2017. The season kicks off right where things ended in Part 4: Sierra (Najwa Nimri) has found theft mastermind El Profesor (Álvaro Morte) and could thwart his plan of stealing the gold from inside the Bank of Spain. Lisboa (Itziar Ituño) has been successfully freed from police custody and has made it inside the bank, while the rest of the red-coverall-wearing robbers have been inside for 100 hours. Things are getting tenser by the moment. And sadly, Nairobi (Alba Flores) is still very much dead.