Stars Under Quarantine: They’re (Almost) Like Us!

By Edene SoffrinLast Updated May 18, 2020 2:42:39 PM ET
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Photo Courtesy: ronpaulrevolt2008/Flickr

The COVID-19 shutdown has forced the entire country to shelter inside their homes. Many people are suffering physically, economically and mentally, and celebrities want everyone to know that they're no different — except they totally are.

From hanging out in sprawling mansions that somehow feel like prison cells to suffering inconceivable boredom on fully equipped estates, the atrocities endured by the rich and famous sure make us wonder if some celebs could be any more out of touch with reality. Take a look at the hilarious ways they have tried to prove they are "just like everyone else."

Kim Kardashian's Bored Kids

Plenty of families are struggling to juggle an at-home, full-time job with kids who suddenly need to be homeschooled. Kim Kardashian, however, doesn't have too much on her plate — she has too little! She mentioned to the media just how bored she is — and how there's nothing for her kids to do.

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Photo Courtesy: @KimKardashian/Twitter

Ah, yes, those poor children are stuck inside a multi-million-dollar home on roughly 1.5 acres of land. They must be going crazy with only one pool and one personal frozen yogurt machine at their disposal. How are they going to stay busy?

Sam Smith's Million-Dollar Meltdown

British singer and songwriter Sam Smith attempted to connect with his fans by posting the "stages of quarantine meltdown" on his Instagram page. It consists of a series of photos featuring Smith breaking down into crocodile tears. Super relatable, right?

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Photo Courtesy: @samsmith/Twitter

Well, maybe it would have been relatable if Smith weren't quarantining in a $12 million London home when he posted the pics. His flippant post about the quarantine struggle was meant to be funny, but it only emphasized how far removed celebs like him are from the real struggles COVID-19 has brought to many fans.

Gal Gadot's Short-Sighted Singalong

In late March, a slew of well-known celebrities decided to work together and create a montage of themselves singing John Lennon's "Imagine." This included people like Will Farrell, Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman and Jimmy Fallon, to name a few. Gadot preached that "we're all in this together" when posting the video, but that's not what viewers felt.

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Photo Courtesy: On Demand Entertainment/YouTube

Instead, it looked to many like a gaggle of privileged, wealthy people totally missing the gravity of the situation. "Imagine no possessions?" That's an impending reality for many Americans but not for a single one of them! Many fans were insulted.

Elon Musk's Touchy Tweet

Before naming his child something that sounds like a math equation gone awry, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk posted a tweet that polarized the masses. Musk has been known to have some controversial opinions in the past, but calling the panic over a global pandemic "dumb" surpassed them all.

Photo Courtesy: @elonmusk/Twitter

Many Americans facing unemployment, dealing with sick loved ones or living in fear with immune deficiencies or pre-existing conditions were rightfully enraged. It's easy for Musk to call the coronavirus panic dumb when he has no reason to worry. After all, he has enough money to buy his own hospital and stay at home for the rest of his life! We wonder if anyone has bothered to tell him all that money won’t save him if he’s one of the unlucky ones.

DJ Pauly D's Drastic Hair Growth

Pauly D is most known for his role on the hit reality series Jersey Shore, but now he's getting attention for his "quarantine beard." The star posted a picture of his new style in his pristine home gym on Twitter and received plenty of shocked comments.

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Photo Courtesy: @DJPaulyD/Twitter

Instead of posting about the many struggles brought on by the virus, he just shared a selfie of his facial hair! The rest of us all look like mad scientists, but his well-coiffed hair (including his chiseled chin strap) is truly troubling for all the wrong reasons. The struggle isn’t real for you, Pauly.

Drake's Struggle to Stay Inside

Drake hasn't been shy about posting photos and videos of his enormous Toronto residence. Recently, he decided to jump on the quarantine bandwagon and show just how he's coping — and it looks like he's coping quite well.

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Photo Courtesy: Ferris Rafauli/YouTube

The singer walked through his private basketball court, complete with what looks like a wall-mounted television screen. The caption reads "My life for the next however long." It's a far cry from a regular guy’s quarantine experience posted up on the lumpy living room couch.

Madonna Gets Deep

Madonna took to her Instagram during quarantine to share her thoughts about the virus. She spoke about it being "the great equalizer," noting that it "doesn't discriminate" and "doesn't care about how rich you are" or "how famous you are." The kicker? She said all of this while relaxing in a bathtub sprinkled with rose petals.

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Photo Courtesy: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

It sure doesn't seem like coronavirus is "the great equalizer" when the poor and disadvantaged are disenfranchised the most. Madonna doesn't have to worry about health insurance, unemployment, gaining access to testing or even running out of flowers for existential bath sessions.

Bieber and Jenner's Faulty Facetime

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner reflected on their privilege in a live facetime recording, but it didn't sit well with many viewers. Bieber and Jenner commented on "how blessed" they are and how "a lot of people in this time have a crappy situation."

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Photo Courtesy: Miss Charlotte Lawrence/YouTube

But then the singer went on to say that they can't feel bad for what they've worked for and "just us taking that time to acknowledge that there are people who are really crippling is important." Maybe that’s true for you, Biebs, but your time of reflection isn't doing much to help the rest of us.

Jaime King's Poorly Timed Prose

Actress Jaime King shared a poem on her social media accounts thanking the coronavirus. She didn't write the poem, so she can't take all the blame, but fans were nonetheless ticked off in a big way. Some of the poem's lines include "Thank you for all the fear... Thank you for the unity between all of us."

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Photo Courtesy: Stephen Busken/Contour RA/Getty Images

While Jaime King was thanking coronavirus, many less-privileged Americans were dying from it. Her intention was presumably to point out that being forced to slow down and focus on each other has a positive side, but it came off as insensitive and naive. Needless to say, she has since deleted the post.

Christina Aguilera's Totally Relatable Karaoke Performance

Disney came up with a fun way for families to pass the time with its Disney Family Singalong and has already released multiple editions. The first special featured celebrities like Christina Aguilera singing a "karaoke" version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from The Lion King.

Photo Courtesy: ABC/YouTube

When we sing karaoke, it’s usually a very sloppy rendition that we hope never makes its way onto television. Watching Aguilera take a quick pass at a Disney classic was a gentle reminder for us to keep our own singing within the confines of our showers.

Hilary Duff's At-Home Hair Makeover

Many people stuck in quarantine have succumbed to cutting their own hair. You may not actually need a haircut, either, but it seems to have caught on as something to do that doesn't involve the TV or a computer screen — and celebrities aren't immune to the urge.

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Photo Courtesy: @hilaryduff/Instagram

Hilary Duff went all out with her at-home hair transformation in a photo she posted to Instagram. Her long blonde hair was suddenly short and bright blue! It's unclear how much of this Duff did on her own, but it definitely puts other at-home hairdressing attempts to shame. It practically looks professional!

David Geffen's Aquatic Isolation

When you have enough money to buy a yacht, you're probably a bit removed from the reality of the coronavirus pandemic. These days, no one wants to see outrageous wealth paired with a thoughtful caption "hoping everybody is staying safe." But that's exactly what businessman David Geffen did.

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Photo Courtesy: @davidgeffen/Instagram

He posted those words underneath a photo of his $590 million yacht, where he's spending time "avoiding the virus." Isn’t he such a thoughtful man to know that a picture of his boat is just the thing we need to cheer us up before donning our face masks for a food run?

Evangeline Lilly's Take on Social Distancing

While many schools in the U.S. were closing and families were preparing to stay home for the foreseeable future, Lost actress Evangeline Lilly was just doing #businessasusual. Her Instagram post featured a teacup and a caption explaining that she'd just dropped her kids off for gymnastics camp. But don't worry! They washed their hands before going in.

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Photo Courtesy: @evangelinelillyofficial/Instagram

Lilly received a lot of criticism for this in the comments, but she came back with a long apology in the following post. By that time, her kids were staying safely at home.

Chrissy Teigen's Quarantine Cravings

Model Chrissy Teigen has a strong presence on Twitter, something her fans usually go crazy for, but this time she might have put her foot in her mouth. She tweeted that her current comfort during quarantine was ordering clam chowder from Boston. Talk about privilege!

Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Television/Flickr

The tweet fell especially flat, thanks to the many businesses across the country that were closing and firing workers at the very same time Teigen was paying top dollar to get soup shipped to her door. Oops! Teigen later tweeted "Correction: do NOT order soup."


Ellen DeGeneres' Incurable Cabin Fever

It seems that no celebrity is safe from embarrassing themselves when it comes to coronavirus. Ellen DeGeneres, while sitting in front of large windows framed by greenery, said that living in quarantine is like being in jail! Sure, Ellen, your million-dollar mansion is just like jail. It kind of makes you want to commit a few crimes, right?

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Photo Courtesy: TheEllenShow/YouTube

The comment came under even more fire, given the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in jails across the country. Everyone knows that DeGeneres is a comedian, but it looks like she stepped over a line with this comment. You need to take extra care to not be thoughtless when there are lives being lost.


Scheana Shay's Coronavirus Kickback

Bravo personality Scheana Shay revealed just how little she knew about the pandemic when she tweeted that her friends should "come join [her] for a Palm Springs quarantine!" She even said she wasn't going to "stop living" her life. Clearly, Shay wasn't grasping the concept of "quarantine."

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Photo Courtesy: Toglenn/Wikimedia Commons

She later backtracked and said she wasn’t aware just how serious the pandemic was at the time. After blaming it on a work trip and vowing to follow the stay-at-home rules, she managed to cool her fans off a bit. Working on a Bravo TV show clearly doesn’t require attention to detail.


M.I.A.'s Very Questionable Oath

Music wouldn’t be the same without innovative Sri Lankan/British rapper M.I.A., but she might have lost some fans after her tweet in late March: "If I have to choose the vaccine or chip, I'm gonna choose death." M.I.A. essentially revealed in a tweet that she doesn't believe vaccines are a good thing — during a pandemic. Good move, M.I.A.

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Photo Courtesy: Moses/Wikimedia Commons

Given the controversy surrounding the subject, it's no wonder that people came after her for this post. To make matters worse, a COVID-19 vaccine doesn't even exist yet. She later did some backtracking and clarified her statements, but the damage was done.


Bette Midler's Kitchen Discoveries

Bette Midler claims she's just like everyone else in her Twitter bio, but that's not how the public sees it after her tweet about kitchen appliances. She joked about finally getting to know her appliances and then saluted "housekeepers" around the globe.

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Photo Courtesy: Monica Schipper/WireImage/Getty Images

While Midler was just trying to joke about quarantine — and maybe poke a little fun at herself for being inept at simple chores — she ended up highlighting her privileged lifestyle. The virus is forcing her to do her cooking and cleaning herself — gasp!


J. Lo Gets Bored at Home

Perhaps celebs should learn a lesson from Jennifer Lopez and stop posting about their glamorous lifestyles during the pandemic. Lopez posted a video to her Twitter account of her son delivering a bottle of Perrier to her on a hoverboard and then jumping off the hoverboard and into their pool.

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Photo Courtesy: @jlo/Twitter

The perfectly green lawn and large windows of the house behind them only added insult to injury. After all, Lopez's less wealthy fans are struggling to keep their heads above that proverbial pool water during the pandemic.


Pharrell Williams Just Tries to Make a Difference

When millionaire celebrities encourage their followers to donate their limited money, things can get ugly. Singer Pharrell Williams posted a tweet urging people to donate to the "Frontline Responders Fund" but didn't mention whether he had donated himself.

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Photo Courtesy: @Pharrell/Twitter

He later clarified that he had, indeed, donated to the fund, but the damage was done. Williams' followers thought the rapper, who is worth about $150 million, should worry more about giving away a chunk of his own riches rather than telling his followers, many of whom have been laid off during the crisis, to give away their meager dollars.


50 Cent's “Motivational” Speech

What's worse than looking at celebrities quarantining in houses 10 times bigger than yours? Getting fat-shamed by those celebrities, that’s what. Rap’s ultimate troll 50 Cent made some unfortunate comments in a Wall Street Journal interview when he spoke about his at-home exercise routine. He said a lot of people wouldn't be doing at-home workouts and that "they're going to get fat."

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Photo Courtesy:

At least we know what 50 Cent's priorities are during this global pandemic. He will be social distancing and doing everything in his power to not get fat. Heaven forbid anyone should gain any weight from extra stress and staying home all the time!


Sia's Profound COVID-19 Message

Some celebrities' posts have just been plain strange. Singer Sia tried to get motivational (we think?) in an image she published to her Twitter account that showed the word "VIRUS" with the V-I-R crossed out. That left the "US" with a period next to it.

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Photo Courtesy: @siamusic/Instagram

Fans weren't angry, but they were a little confused. What exactly was Sia trying to say here? One follower came back with an image of letters in the word "CORONAVIRUS" crossed out to leave the word "CORN" — same idea but a lot less cryptic. Sometimes celebrities just miss the mark entirely and leave us scratching our heads.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Solidarity with the Masses

Arnold Schwarzenegger came under fire after posting a video to Twitter of him smoking a stogie in his jacuzzi. He talks about his morning bike ride and workout and then tells spring-breakers they need to stay home. His point seems to be that if he can stay home, you can too.

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Photo Courtesy: @Schwarzenegger/Twitter

Of course, not everyone has their own personal hot tub to hang out in, Arnold, and home is undoubtedly a lot more appealing when you do. Maybe he could have chosen a better place in his mansion to deliver his message to viewers, because this video came off as condescending and downright annoying! And smoking while you’re promoting fitness? Really, Arnold?


Gisele Bundchen Fixes Everything with Meditation

When you're struggling to pay your rent, can't get your hands on toilet paper and fear for your family's health, the last thing you want to see is a celebrity telling you to chill out and get zen with them. Regardless, model Gisele Bundchen wants you to focus on peaceful energies.

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Photo Courtesy: @gisele/Instagram

Her Instagram post shows her meditating in front of a waterfall and invites everyone to come together in a "Global Meditation." It's clear she was just trying to do some good for the world, but it’s certainly not clear why she thought this was it. Her stressed out fans were not having it.


Rob Kardashian's Modified Merchandise

Possibly the worst thing a celebrity can do during the COVID-19 crisis is attempt to make a profit off of it. Alas, Rob Kardashian didn't get the memo. (He’s a Kardashian, after all.) Instead, he advertised $30 face masks sporting his brand "Halfway Dead" across the front. Does it really have to be said that this is not a great phrase to market during a pandemic?

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Photo Courtesy: @halfwaydead/Instagram

The only saving grace is Kardashian's claim that he will donate proceeds to the Local Heart Foundation. Whether it's all the proceeds or just a portion remains to be seen, although it probably doesn’t matter since fans weren't keen on this business venture of his.


Vanessa Hudgens' Unending Empathy

In an unfortunate Instagram live stream, actress Vanessa Hudgens appeared to brush off the thousands that have and will die from coronavirus. She gushes that a lockdown until July "sounds like a bunch of bullsh-t," and "yeah, people are gonna die, which is terrible, but like, inevitable?"

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Photo Courtesy: Perez Hilton/YouTube

Well, perhaps it's the end to Hudgens' career that will now be marked as terrible but inevitable. Of course, the singer later fumbled to correct herself. She clarified that she doesn't take the situation lightly and that she is staying home, but by then it was too late to take back her words.


Priyanka Chopra Claps for No One

In a post that immediately got attention for being awkward and a bit strange, actress Priyanka Chopra stood on her balcony and clapped — for no one. It looks like she was staring off into the distance in what appears to be an isolated area, clapping all by herself for some unknown reason that simply had to be shared.

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Photo Courtesy: Bol Bollywood/YouTube

Chopra was supposed to be showing her support of health care workers, but it looked so staged and unnatural that it had followers giggling instead of clapping along with her. It was a fine idea, Chopra, but the execution needed some work.


Gwyneth Paltrow Hopes You'll Just Keep Shopping

Gwyneth Paltrow certainly won’t let a global pandemic tamper her ambition for higher sales for her brand. In fact, she posted a selfie to her business account that encouraged viewers to swipe up to purchase what she was wearing — and those clothes weren't cheap!

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Photo Courtesy: @gwynethpaltrow/Instagram

The shorts and shoes together cost almost $1,000, something most people wouldn't dream of spending, even without the added financial strain of the pandemic. The criticism came pouring in, and Paltrow later deleted the selfie. It's not a time to be pushing your goop, Paltrow.


Lionel Richie Wants to Get Charitable

While many celebrities might have their hearts in the right places, they don't always know how to read their audience. Lionel Richie proposed recreating the "We Are the World" song for coronavirus support. If anyone remembers this 80's fundraiser for a starving Africa, it received its own criticism at the time, and Richie's idea for a remake didn't inspire the public.

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Photo Courtesy: Matthias Muehlbradt/Flickr

The consensus seems to be that singing and posting pictures of yourself in quarantine aren't what celebrities should be doing right now. Most people believe they should be putting their own money on the line to help with the battle in a way that could really achieve results.


Jennifer Aniston's Quarantine Quips

If you haven’t caught on yet, there isn't much a celebrity can post during this time that's going to win them brownie points with their followers. More often than not, they simply prove they are way out of touch with the real life-destroying problems of the "regular" people who support them.

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Photo Courtesy: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Even America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, posted an intentionally humorous quip about her dog having "deep quarantine thoughts" and rubbed people the wrong way. With her enormous house and breathtaking view, the only thing viewers saw was a wealthy person making light of their very real, very serious COVID-19 struggles. Sometimes, it's just best to stay quiet!