Should You Care About the Streaming Wars?

Photo Courtesy: Ask Media Group

It’s becoming increasingly hard to know not only what to watch — there are so many new TV shows available it’s just difficult to choose what to commit to — but also where to actually watch it.

You might have been a fan of CBS’s The Good Wife back in the early 2010s and caught up with some of its later seasons on Hulu, then moved on to CBS All Access to watch its spin-off The Good Fight. Season five of the legal drama releases this month on yet a different streaming service: Paramount+, which in reality is a rebranding of sorts of CBS All Access. Still, more often than not, it’s arduous to figure out where to watch something.

Take the long-lived The Walking Dead. It originally aired on AMC, and you can watch seasons one to nine on Netflix now. But season ten, which premiered in 2019, is only available on the somewhat recent streaming service AMC+. The upcoming season eleven will also only be available there. AMC didn’t have a streaming service when the zombie apocalypse series started airing back in 2010, but it does now — hence the availability of the show on different platforms, depending on its season.

We’ve already told you about the ever-growing list of new subscription services for cord-cutters. The options are endless, and a new service seems to pop up every week.

Precisely because of that, not only do you have to remember that you were watching The Morning Show, Pose or P-Valley, but you also have to find out when their new seasons will finally air and where to watch them. Traditionally, new seasons would premiere in September, and there would be a new season every year during a show’s life. Now you can go four years without a new season of Master of None, and when the third season finally comes, the show may have started focusing on a different lead altogether.