12 Contemporary Romantic Comedies for an Inclusive Valentine's Day

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Studios, Lionsgate, Netflix

Romantic comedies have been experiencing a most welcome renaissance since 2018. And they’ve found a way of ridding themselves of outdated gender stereotypes in the process. They no longer respond to the "boy meets girl" formula either; now it’s more a "person meets person" rule. And there’s a lot more diversity in the casting of the persons involved as well.

The rules of the genre are still the same: Two people meet or find each other again. There’s a certain attraction between them and, at the same time, some sort of conflict keeps them apart, even though they’re clearly made for each other. The movie invariably ends with the two of them together after some great gesture, nice speech and nicer kiss. Romantic comedies need to make you swoon, but they also need to make you laugh.

We’ve put together a list of inclusive, heart-warming rom-coms perfect for some Valentine’s Day (or any other day) celebration, whether you’re solo or partnered up.

Also, we haven’t included other recent titles like Call Me by Your Name, Beyond the Lights, Moonlight and Her on this list. While those titles are love stories, they’re more on the drama side of the romantic realm — and in a time like this, "lighthearted" is what we really need.