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... request sellers to grant them an Exclusive Right to Sell. Educate yourself about real estate terminology prior to signing an Exclusive Right to... · 28 minutes ago
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Oct. 14 for a jury instruction stating that the owner of a pre-1972 recording has “the exclusive right to publicly perform, or authorize...
Bloomberg · Oct. 17, 2014  Explore story »
To the right of him is the digital version exclusive “Masked Nyan”.
Siliconera · Oct. 15, 2014
Since at least the 19 th century, the exclusive right to regulate lawyers has been vested in the judicial branch of our government.
Reuters · Oct. 14, 2014  Explore story »
... have television access, you can view it right here on And check back later in the day for more exclusive interviews, plus... · Oct. 13, 2014
... the following titles to a room packed with retailers, CBR has your exclusive first look at the concepts and art, right here: Rivers of London...
Comic Book Resources · Oct. 09, 2014
PPA has the exclusive right to operate parking facilities on airport property through a lease agreement with the City of Philadelphia that... · 3 hours ago  Explore story »
He will insist on being exclusive right away, and will likely want to move in together, or even get married, very quickly.
Huffington Post · 2 hours ago
We envision that our standard contractual arrangements will grant us the exclusive right to feature certain deals for a merchant's products...
TMC Net · 5 hours ago  Explore story »
... its desktop and laptop OS closer to the look and feel of iOS 8 . It also includes a bevy of new exclusive features you won't find on any other ... · 2 hours ago  Explore story »