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... to read out a four point plan or elements for a resolution that he said ... demand addressed to the Ukrainian parties to the conflict to cease
Inner City Press · 3 hours ago
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11) Did the WDLAC board ever pass a resolution approving this payment? ... 19) If so, how does this not conflict with the “moonlighting” clause
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... got a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA). ... Once the Captains received "clear-of-conflict" message, they ... · 1 hour ago  Explore story »
... a conflict between desires and determinations; ... and sympathy, to fill his spirit with piety and faith, to fill his mind with wisdom and ...
Oman Observer · 2 hours ago  Explore story »
... the Allies in the Treaty of London to enter the conflict in April 1915 ... Catholic Center Party, was promoting a peace resolution, and ...
America Magazine · 3 hours ago
... of sanctions against Eritrea, primarily due to the conflict with Djibouti ... counsels, Ethiopian diplomats should “facilitate the resolution ...
Inner City Press · 4 hours ago
... veteran diplomat Staffan de Mistura as the new special envoy tasked with seeking a peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in Syria.
BusinessWeek · 11 hours ago  Explore story »
The panels thanked the public for their continued support towards the common objective of bringing a just resolution to the conflict in Mindanao.
ABS-CBN News · 11 hours ago
In 2006, UN resolution 1738, which demanded greater safety for journalists in conflict areas, was passed.
Al Jazeera · 8 hours ago