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... of this political tendency became fully apparent in May 2014, when anti-European populists performed well in the European Parliament election.
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... a Syriza member of Parliament and one of the party’s leading voices on economic policy. “Because of the fact that the European economy is...
Washington Post · 14 hours ago
... by the EU authorities — particularly the European Central Bank — ... If the Greek parliament does not elect a new president by a two-thirds
Arab News · 14 hours ago
Yet he has won a seat in parliament for the Opposition Bloc led by Yuri ... to balance its budget and as a member of the European Energy Community
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... is trying to establish itself as a major pro-European player by supplying ... While President Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine's parliament opposes ...
Christian Science Monitor · 14 hours ago  Explore story »
... seats in the 2014 European Parliamentary election. Early polls indicate that Podemos could pick up sixty seats in Spain’s 350-seat parliament...
MSNBC Newsweek · 15 hours ago
The economies of the European Union and Japan are on the edge of a precipice, while China seems to be sliding towards a similar crisis. · 12 hours ago
The blue and yellow flags of Ukraine and the European Union were waved beside ... On Feb. 22, the parliament impeached Yanukovych, who had fled the
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The commission’s final report, recently tabled in Parliament, makes for ... schemes that exist abroad, particularly in some European countries ...
Adelaide Now · 23 hours ago