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It was a movie the most famous sequence of which involved a cartoon bluebird alighting upon the shoulder of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
NHPR · Nov. 13, 2014
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Oh, and Oliver Stone is planning a feature with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the edgy whistleblower.
Georgia Straight · Nov. 12, 2014
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been tapped to play Edward Snowden in an upcoming biopic from Oliver Stone. · Nov. 11, 2014
Gordon-Levitt, 33, most recently directed and starred in "Don Jon" and has acted in high-profile films "Lincoln," "The Dark Knight Rises" and... · Nov. 11, 2014
... play Edward Snowden in an upcoming movie directed by Oliver Stone . Producers of the as-yet unnamed film about the former National Security ...
Big News Network · Nov. 11, 2014